The Advantages of Confidential Document Scanning

Even In 2016 people are still cautious about placing any form of digital information into a digital format. We understand this and aim to work with our customers to make them aware of how their confidential information is better off in a searchable PDF format with a high standard of protection, oppose to being on paper. Below are a few benefits that you might need to consider about digital documents:

Security and Encryption

Many are understandably wary when it comes to placing any form of confidential information into a computer, regardless of whether it’s even online. Most would probably prefer a trusted ‘lock and key’ method as opposed to electronic encryption.

At MBS we ensure that we use the highest standard of encryption and discretion when dealing with any form of confidential material, so our clients can rest assured knowing that we pursue the latest and most advanced forms of security when it comes to protecting their information.

Document Recovery

A classic paper document might be safely stored in your high-spec filing cabinet but the lock won’t do it much good in the event of a fire or even a flood.

An electronically stored document has a much higher chance of recovery in such an event, meaning that the client’s information is therefore much safer in an environment where it’s less susceptible to the danger of the elements or accidents.

Saving Cost and Space

Security and peace of mind doesn’t come cheap, whether you’re using a safe or any other form of physical protection this incurs further cost with things such as maintenance and repair.

Once the document is scanned by MBS it is protected for however long it needs to be, without the need to repair or buy new padlocks. Not only this but also having such a means of storage can take up a lot of room, a digital file requires almost no space at all meaning once again, nothing is being wasted.

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