How much of a difference would it make if you could eliminate your paper storage and gain a safer digital format of your documents with extra office space as an added bonus?

MBS imaging have recently completed a document scanning service for a prestigious Chesterfield Engineering Company and done just that!

document-managementThey initially had 6 x 4 drawer standard size filing cabinets full of sales order documentation.  This accumulated to just under 8,000 individual records. Each record also contained a number of pages.

MBS imaging scanned all these documents and indexed every record separately for easy retrieval.   This easy retrieval is quicker and more secure.  Securely storing your valuable documentation this way will also avoid any possibility of human error including miss-filing or accidental destruction.

All the records are now on the Engineering Companies Server, accessible to individuals on their network. Space saving isn’t all that they have gained.

They also have the security and reassurance that these images are also held on disk which can be kept safe and secure as a backup.

The whole operation was completed within two weeks at a cost of under £3,000.

The possibility of lost valuable documentation can be more costly to any business.

After the initial job other departments within the company saw the advantage of storing there documents in this format.

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