Legal File Document Scanning Services

At MBS, we have provided document scanning services to a range of clients in the legal profession, including solicitors from a range of fields.

Legal documents require a high level of discretion and security, much like medical documents. It’s fair to assume that many may be discouraged by the risks involved with scanning sensitive legal documents. However when done properly by a professional and secure document scanning service, the benefits of scanning far outweigh the risks.

Here are some of the main advantages which our professional legal document scanning service can provide your organisation:

Protection from Damage and Environmental Risks

As a paper document, a legal document is susceptible to a range of perishable threats. Papers may lay dormant in filing cabinets for years before they are needed as a key piece of evidence for a case. During this time they may sustain damage through ageing, which could possibly obscure some important details. Whilst in this format, they are also vulnerable to environmental risks, such as fire and flooding. Though physical files also have this issue, there are several ways of preventing this, such as hosting the files, encrypted, on a secure file transfer protocol system.

Security Benefits

As outlined in our “Advantages of Confidential Document Scanning”, security is often a concern regarding sensitive documents. Scanned documents, with the correct encryption, can have additional security benefits compared to paper files, which may be read by anyone if they fall into the wrong hands. Scanning and encrypting your documents gives the security of your legal documents a valuable added line of defence.

Accessibility and Cost

Scanning legal documents can dramatically improve the accessibility of information in any legal organisation. Save your employees time from scouring filing cabinets for that important contract by archiving your documents in a secure and user friendly system.

Having your legal documents archived in this way can also save great amounts of money in storage. In the legal profession, it doesn’t take long to fill a large filing cabinet with files, notes, contracts and other documents.

If you are interested in our professional legal document scanning services, you can request a quote here or contact us to find out more.

The Advantages of Confidential Document Scanning

Even In 2016 people are still cautious about placing any form of digital information into a digital format. We understand this and aim to work with our customers to make them aware of how their confidential information is better off in a searchable PDF format with a high standard of protection, oppose to being on paper. Below are a few benefits that you might need to consider about digital documents:

Security and Encryption

Many are understandably wary when it comes to placing any form of confidential information into a computer, regardless of whether it’s even online. Most would probably prefer a trusted ‘lock and key’ method as opposed to electronic encryption.

At MBS we ensure that we use the highest standard of encryption and discretion when dealing with any form of confidential material, so our clients can rest assured knowing that we pursue the latest and most advanced forms of security when it comes to protecting their information.

Document Recovery

A classic paper document might be safely stored in your high-spec filing cabinet but the lock won’t do it much good in the event of a fire or even a flood.

An electronically stored document has a much higher chance of recovery in such an event, meaning that the client’s information is therefore much safer in an environment where it’s less susceptible to the danger of the elements or accidents.

Saving Cost and Space

Security and peace of mind doesn’t come cheap, whether you’re using a safe or any other form of physical protection this incurs further cost with things such as maintenance and repair.

Once the document is scanned by MBS it is protected for however long it needs to be, without the need to repair or buy new padlocks. Not only this but also having such a means of storage can take up a lot of room, a digital file requires almost no space at all meaning once again, nothing is being wasted.

For more information about confidential document scanning, contact us.

Document Archiving Solutions and Management Systems

In addition to our Document Scanning Service we also provide solutions for organisations looking for a more effective way of storing and accessing their documents.

Once your documents are scanned, you can choose to receive them in a variety of formats, including on a usb, on cd or digital files sent by email or by file transfer.

For larger projects, it may be an advantage to make use of one of a document archiving solutions, such as a document management system which is tailored to your business.

A document management system can take a variety of forms depending on your requirements. Once scanned your documents may be uploaded to a file transfer protocol or “portal” system, which can then be accessed by your employees.

This system can provide an added security benefit to your document management strategy, and can allow all your employees to have easy access to important business documents.

This can provide a great advantage in all sorts of situations, no more digging through storage files to find the correct documents.

Your staff may even be able to find documents whilst on the phone. Finding scanned documents can be made as easy and as instant as searching through an email inbox archive.

For more information on our Document Archiving Solutions and Management systems, please do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote directly from the site.

We are able to provide our services in Sheffield, Leeds and the wider Yorkshire and Midlands areas.

Document Scanning in Leeds and our Other Service Locations

Though we operate from Sheffield, Our document scanning service is available in Leeds and a range of other locations, including West Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. We are able to travel around the north of the UK, delivering a safe and secure document scanning service every time.

We also offer free collection and delivery in Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster, Rotherham and several other locations in the North. To see the full range of locations where we offer this, see our contact MBS page.

We offer scanning services to both the public and private sector and are able to scan both bulk and small batches of documents. We are proud to offer a fast and reliable service, wherever you may be based. Our quick turnaround service can save your business a great deal of time and money.

Providing a Flexible Scanning, Reliable Service in the Leeds Area

Our service is flexible and can align easily with the workflow of your business or organisation. We can scan to a wide range of formats, including JPG and PDF. If you are part of an organisation that requires multiple people to have access to your scanned documents we can even upload them to our file transfer protocol document management system for easy and secure access.

For more information on the different options we offer within our service, visit our document scanning page.

If you are looking for a secure and reliable document scanning service in Leeds or anywhere in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas, contact us or request a quote through our site.

We offer no obligation document scanning estimations so you can find a deal to suit your budget.

Medical Document Scanning

Back in 2013 the coalition government proposed that the NHS should aim to go paperless by 2018. The move would be estimated to save billions of pounds by reducing paper transactions.

Transferring all patient records would also give a great benefit, allowing medical professionals from GPs to Paramedics to access a patient’s records with the touch of a button, making the treatment and diagnostic process a lot more efficient.

Scanning Medical Records and Documents

Medical Document Scanning is one of the main services we offer and we have carried out scanning for many different medical clients in both the NHS and private sector.

We are able to scan many different types of medical documents, including:

-Patient Records
-Financial Documents
-GP Records

Confidentiality and Security Compliance

At MBS, we recognise that the medical industry deals with the single most important factor of people’s lives, their health. This is why we understand the importance of treating medical data of any kind with care.

Our work is compliant with the ISO’s information security management regulations, rules which all our staff must adhere to.

Because of the sensitive and nature of these documents, it’s essential that they are handled, managed and copied in the most safe and secure way possible.

We understand the risk of data breaches and the sanctity of privacy when handling medical documents. If required, your data can be transferred to encrypted cds or data storage systems for further security.

We are also able to securely deliver your medical documents to and from your premesis.

High Volumes and Document Issues

We are able to handle both high and low volumes of medical documents for scanning. We are able to process bulk document amounts as securely and efficiently as we are with smaller amounts.

To make an enquiry about our medical document scanning services, contact us  or request a quote.

Our Tips for Going Paperless

A study by the US Environmental Protection Agency estimated that the average US office worker generates two pounds of paper every day.

As well as contributing to environmental problems, like deforestation and the production of greenhouse gas, paper production also harms your bottom line through the costs of constant printing and the time spent printing.

Countless hours spent copying, printing and scanning by your employees also wastes valuable time and results in unnecessary costs.

It doesn’t take much calculating to estimate the cost to your business every day due to paper production.

if you are looking to reduce the amount of paper used in your office, we recommend the following:

Only print when absolutely necessary
Many employees feel that they need several copies of paper to  refer to in meetings. This may be to refer back to certain points, or just to make the person feel comfortable that their work is backed up by the figures and statistics in front of them.

To avoid this, only print the essentials and consider making notes for the meeting and setting a strict agenda.

It’s likely that the majority of written material brought to a meeting will never be discussed, particularly if it’s several pages in length.

Brevity can be difficult, but keeping to a strict agenda with concise notes will allow your meetings to go much more smoothly and

Reduce communication by letter
Letters can take days to come through, and once printed the recipient only has one copy.

Factor this in with the chance of the letter going missing, or being lost amongst a pile of junk mail, the risk of your recipient not receiving your letter is much higher than with electronic forms of transport.

Whilst this is unavoidable in many cases, for official documents for example, it’s not that necessary to communicate via letter for general communications.

The time and resources saved from stopping this can be a huge benefit to your business.

It may be hard to believe but even in the present day, many businesses choose to communicate primarily by mail. If you factor in the average number of written communications sent by a business every day, this soon adds up to a large cost.

Get a digital signature program
One of the biggest advantages of letters is the ease of signing documents.

However, several programs now exist which allow you to sign digital documents. Easy Signature and Docusign are two softwares that allow you to do this.

Digital bills and invoicing
There are several benefits to setting up online billing and invoicing. As well as reducing the use of paper and speeding up the process, you will have a digital record of every transaction, bill and invoice.

Scan your old documents
Another step in reducing the amount paper in your office is scanning your old documents.

The constant production of paper documents also creates a space issue. Filing cabinets and boxes eventually take up lots of valuable floorspace, which will increase in cost as time goes by.

Going paperless can save your business time, money and resources

We accept that it can be highly impractical trying to organise your office documents and it’s essential for some paper records to be kept.

However, it’s not just the cost you will be saving with converting your documents.

It could take you hours to sift through a stack of papers looking for one particular letter.

You might even spend a considerable amount of money paying one of your employees to do it.

If your documents are archived digitally, you could retrieve the same information in a matter of seconds.

Security issues are an issue with digital documents, and is a particular concern with some industries where confidentiality is an absolute priority such as the medical and legal sectors.

However , You can’t password protect or encrypt a paper document, it can only be protected physically. Once it’s in someone’s hands there is nothing stopping them from reading it.

Numerous security solutions are available for digital documents, and secure systems can be developed for archiving these documents with advanced encryption.

If managed correctly, converting your confidential paper documents to digital can actually provide an increased security benefit.

Document Scanning Services Sheffield

At MBS we have successfully delivered quality document scanning services to businesses and organisations for decades.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your office go paperless, contact us or request a quote directly.

Document Scanning System

ds10MBS imaging provide an excellent document scanning system that has proven to be a success with their clients.

This document scanning system has been tried and tested over many years and is why their services are recommended by many professional business in and around Yorkshire.

Your documents would be safely retrieved from your business premises and securely stored within MBS’s onsite storage facilities where they are then scanned in a methodical manner and indexed using a simple user friendly system.

This systematic method of document scanning means archived documents can be easily retrieved in any event and avoid any usual problems that arise through more conventional storage. For example miss-files, lost or damaged documents are no longer a problem. Documents can be retrieved at the click of a button.

After your documents have been scanned and stored to disk they can be returned to you for safe disposal or MBS Imaging can safely and securely dispose of them on your behalf.

Why not arrange a meeting with MBS Imaging? They would be more than happy to guide you through the document scanning system where you can see for yourself how this traditional Sheffield based business is helping other businesses like yours move their documents onto disk.

How to protect your business data

Many businesses rely heavily on the safe storage of their business data. Losing information due to loss or damage in times of emergency can be a devastating blow. The financial impact and the negative mark on their reputation can be more serious than we think.

The National Archives and Records Administration say 93 percent of companies that experience a data centre failure go bankrupt within a year!

ds7Businesses would often struggle if valuable or confidential information is lost, damaged or stolen. Considering scanning documents to a secure cd or file is a cost effective and future proof decision.

Protecting data and scanning documents to a secure CD is a smart management choice. At MBS Imaging we will collect, scan and when possible we will return all documents complete with scanned archived CD’s within just 24hours!

It should be considered that many businesses cannot afford the possibility of missing or damaged data. Having a data scanning service should be part of any business that provides a confidential service or relies heavily on past data information. For example, a medical or legal team that must retrieve client information should not be relying on paper storage alone.

Scanning to microfilm or cd is a quicker method of retrieving information. It reduces onsite storage needed and reduces the hours taken by staff to locate missing data.

Contact MBS Imaging today to discuss your document scanning needs. We can change your current storage arrangements and provide a solution to future data management.

Telephone: 0114 246 4787

Document Scanning Youtube Video

You could retrieve files at the touch of a button. If this sounds more appealing than searching through archived files then you will be pleased to know that MBS Imaging, who are specialists in confidential document scanning will not only give you more room in your office by removing the archived files but, our secure document scanning service is methodically done and will allow you to retrieve files at the touch of a button.document scanning

MBS Imaging can convert paper archive files into a digital format. No expensive software is required and they offer a free consultation to evaluate your needs. They will supply you with a digital answer meeting your immediate specific needs and your needs for the future. They will also give you a firm price with no hidden extras.

An example of how much space you can acquire is immense. For example, 16 standard size, 4 drawer, filing cabinets or 100 archive boxes will fit onto one DVD. What would that extra space mean to you?
Compacting documents to such a small amount makes transportation and sharing of documents easier and quicker. The scanned images will be indexed to suite your needs allowing retrieval of any one file to be found in seconds. Retrieving from a DVD, loaded onto your hard drive or the company server it’s an excellent way to network though your organization. Ultimately proving to be a much quicker process and with less possibility of loss or damage.

Contact MBS Imaging today for further details.

Benefits of Document Scanning

For a business it is extremely important to have copy’s of important documents that can be kept safe and won’t get lost or destroyed. This is where MBS Imaging can help with our Document Scanning Services.
DS4Some useful advantages of document scanning are as follows:

1. Cost Saving

Not only are you saving money on the increase in paper need to be able to print all important documents but
time will be saved in administration costs searching for documents. By having a disk copy of your documents a
lot of time and money will be saved using our document scanning services in Sheffield.

2. Risk Management

Not only does it make documents easier to access but scanning documents is also a much safer way to store your documents as it highly reduces the risk of them getting lost or damaged in the office environment. At MBS Imaging we will do everything that we can to help you .

3. Saving Space

If your office is struggling to find the space to store documents, or maybe you have to keep all documents even if they aren’t needed anymore? If this is the case then it is the perfect opportunity to use our document scanning services to help your business save the office space

For more information on the services we have to offer at MBS Imaging please don’t hesitate to contact us