Medical Document Scanning

Back in 2013 the coalition government proposed that the NHS should aim to go paperless by 2018. The move would be estimated to save billions of pounds by reducing paper transactions.

Transferring all patient records would also give a great benefit, allowing medical professionals from GPs to Paramedics to access a patient’s records with the touch of a button, making the treatment and diagnostic process a lot more efficient.

Scanning Medical Records and Documents

Medical Document Scanning is one of the main services we offer and we have carried out scanning for many different medical clients in both the NHS and private sector.

We are able to scan many different types of medical documents, including:

-Patient Records
-Financial Documents
-GP Records

Confidentiality and Security Compliance

At MBS, we recognise that the medical industry deals with the single most important factor of people’s lives, their health. This is why we understand the importance of treating medical data of any kind with care.

Our work is compliant with the ISO’s information security management regulations, rules which all our staff must adhere to.

Because of the sensitive and nature of these documents, it’s essential that they are handled, managed and copied in the most safe and secure way possible.

We understand the risk of data breaches and the sanctity of privacy when handling medical documents. If required, your data can be transferred to encrypted cds or data storage systems for further security.

We are also able to securely deliver your medical documents to and from your premesis.

High Volumes and Document Issues

We are able to handle both high and low volumes of medical documents for scanning. We are able to process bulk document amounts as securely and efficiently as we are with smaller amounts.

To make an enquiry about our medical document scanning services, contact us  or request a quote.