Legal File Document Scanning Services

At MBS, we have provided document scanning services to a range of clients in the legal profession, including solicitors from a range of fields.

Legal documents require a high level of discretion and security, much like medical documents. It’s fair to assume that many may be discouraged by the risks involved with scanning sensitive legal documents. However when done properly by a professional and secure document scanning service, the benefits of scanning far outweigh the risks.

Here are some of the main advantages which our professional legal document scanning service can provide your organisation:

Protection from Damage and Environmental Risks

As a paper document, a legal document is susceptible to a range of perishable threats. Papers may lay dormant in filing cabinets for years before they are needed as a key piece of evidence for a case. During this time they may sustain damage through ageing, which could possibly obscure some important details. Whilst in this format, they are also vulnerable to environmental risks, such as fire and flooding. Though physical files also have this issue, there are several ways of preventing this, such as hosting the files, encrypted, on a secure file transfer protocol system.

Security Benefits

As outlined in our “Advantages of Confidential Document Scanning”, security is often a concern regarding sensitive documents. Scanned documents, with the correct encryption, can have additional security benefits compared to paper files, which may be read by anyone if they fall into the wrong hands. Scanning and encrypting your documents gives the security of your legal documents a valuable added line of defence.

Accessibility and Cost

Scanning legal documents can dramatically improve the accessibility of information in any legal organisation. Save your employees time from scouring filing cabinets for that important contract by archiving your documents in a secure and user friendly system.

Having your legal documents archived in this way can also save great amounts of money in storage. In the legal profession, it doesn’t take long to fill a large filing cabinet with files, notes, contracts and other documents.

If you are interested in our professional legal document scanning services, you can request a quote here or contact us to find out more.