Document Scanning


MBS provides a bureau service to take all of your documents, scan and organise them and convert them onto a cd, into digital files such as .pdf or .jpg or almost any other media that you want.

With our service we can:

-Digitise any paper document to a high quality image, exported to a format or storage option of your choice

-Provide peace of mind with our commitment to confidentiality

-Align with your business work flow, to provide a seamless scanning service

We take the hard work out of keeping permanent and secure records of your documents, which you can access when and where you need them.

Request a Quote

To directly request a survey, fill in your details on our request a quote page.

All you have to do is provide us with the estimated volume of documents that you want us to scan (filing cabinets, boxes or files) your contact details and a member of staff will be in contact with you shortly.

Quick Turnarounddocument-management

No waiting around, In just 24-72 hours we can scan and distribute your documents.


Document Management System Bureau Service

Our proven document management system works seamlessly with industry-leading software, to scan, index store and retrieve all the images you need.

It’s the ideal solution for virtually any application, large or small, including commercial and engineering.  It can locate and display images from millions of records, in seconds.

Our approach, allows you to choose between a stand-alone systems, retrieving from the cd or a live system’s where the scanned images can be networked throughout your organisation.

Our system grows with you and your requirements.

To get started visit our contact us page or give us a call on 0114 246 4787.

Monthly Plansfiles-and-disk

Save money by choosing one of our monthly document scanning plans.

We are able to provide a 24 hour turnaround service where we collect, scan and deliver all within 24 hours.

A Doncaster national parts distribution company made the decision to take advantage of this offer and scan their documents with us on a monthly basis. They receive up to 8000 advice notes per month.

If your business has a constant flow of paper records throughout the month, then a monthly document scanning package can be a very attractive option for your finances, resources and time.

Medical Documents, Occupational Health Records and Sensitive Material

We have carried out work for the health sector, both for the NHS and private.

Our commitment to confidential document scanning means that you can trust us to handle, scan and distribute your medical documents securely.

We collect the original files from your department scan and index the files and return the images either by CD or hand back to you.

We are able to encrypt your CDs if required and we can shred original documents if needed.

We are also able to provide images and indexes which can be imported into

Going PaperlessDS3

Going paperless can save your business space, time and money. It also as an environmental benefit, and can reduce the amount of waste generated by your office.

Scanning your documents is one of the biggest steps to reducing the amount of paper your business uses.

Have you ever considered the sheer amount of space taken up by just one filing cabinet? Or the cost of the room housing your documents.

Paper documents are also much more vulnerable to damage from water, fire or environmental factors.  Though computers and hard drives are not invincible, the files are much easier to copy and store in other secure spaces.

For more information about how your business or organisation can benefit from going paperless, see our tips for going paperless blog.

Confidential Document Scanning

At MBS, we take the security of our customers extremely seriously.

We work with all kinds of industries, including in the legal and medical sectors. Because of this we understand the importance of confidentiality and security are to our customers.

We will make sure that the work we carry out is compliant with your statutory retention schedule and is compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS ISO/IEC27001:2005 standards.

Our flexible and reliable service is able to cater to your needs as a business. If your documents are particularly sensitive, we are able to scan them on to encrypted disks or a storage device of your choice, and deliver them ourselves securely.

For more information on our medical scanning services, visit our medical document scanning page.

Bulk Document Scanning

We have the facilities and resources available to process bulk amounts of documents with a quick turnaround time.

To gain a better understanding of our pricing structure, visit our pricing example page.

Drawings, Technical and Large Documents

Engineering drawings can be scanned from A4 to A0 size in colour or black and white with options in format etc. tiff, pdf, jpeg etc.