Document Archiving Solutions and Management Systems

In addition to our Document Scanning Service we also provide solutions for organisations looking for a more effective way of storing and accessing their documents.

Once your documents are scanned, you can choose to receive them in a variety of formats, including on a usb, on cd or digital files sent by email or by file transfer.

For larger projects, it may be an advantage to make use of one of a document archiving solutions, such as a document management system which is tailored to your business.

A document management system can take a variety of forms depending on your requirements. Once scanned your documents may be uploaded to a file transfer protocol or “portal” system, which can then be accessed by your employees.

This system can provide an added security benefit to your document management strategy, and can allow all your employees to have easy access to important business documents.

This can provide a great advantage in all sorts of situations, no more digging through storage files to find the correct documents.

Your staff may even be able to find documents whilst on the phone. Finding scanned documents can be made as easy and as instant as searching through an email inbox archive.

For more information on our Document Archiving Solutions and Management systems, please do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote directly from the site.

We are able to provide our services in Sheffield, Leeds and the wider Yorkshire and Midlands areas.