How to protect your business data

Many businesses rely heavily on the safe storage of their business data. Losing information due to loss or damage in times of emergency can be a devastating blow. The financial impact and the negative mark on their reputation can be more serious than we think.

The National Archives and Records Administration say 93 percent of companies that experience a data centre failure go bankrupt within a year!

ds7Businesses would often struggle if valuable or confidential information is lost, damaged or stolen. Considering scanning documents to a secure cd or file is a cost effective and future proof decision.

Protecting data and scanning documents to a secure CD is a smart management choice. At MBS Imaging we will collect, scan and when possible we will return all documents complete with scanned archived CD’s within just 24hours!

It should be considered that many businesses cannot afford the possibility of missing or damaged data. Having a data scanning service should be part of any business that provides a confidential service or relies heavily on past data information. For example, a medical or legal team that must retrieve client information should not be relying on paper storage alone.

Scanning to microfilm or cd is a quicker method of retrieving information. It reduces onsite storage needed and reduces the hours taken by staff to locate missing data.

Contact MBS Imaging today to discuss your document scanning needs. We can change your current storage arrangements and provide a solution to future data management.

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